ANZAC Day in Australia

Today is ANZAC Day in Australia


The Australian War Memorial
Hall of Memories
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
The four basic elements as pillars1

Plaque outside the Australian War Memorial


Commemorating the spot of the planting of the first
tree of the remembrance driveway to Sydney
by Queen Elizabeth II in February 1954.


The Earth pillar is made of marble and has associations with permanence and endurance, physical structure and the coldness of death.

The metal pillar symbolizes Fire; it is associated with energy and passion, patriotism and bravery.

The wooden pillar symbolizes Air; its polished surface is associated with disembodied spirit and the souls of the dead.

The Water pillar is made of glass, ice-like and colorless. It is linked with the flow of change and transfiguration and the souls of the living.

Words like tree

words like tree
give a recognition
grown by love
from the breath of God
that stirred still waters
came the first seed
into soft earth
to be fired by the sun

we remember an unknown life
how life came
the four great pillars of truth
of a life that is no more
of a life that lives again
of life that lives forever

Richard Scutter 25 April 2013

Link to Australian War Memorial Website

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