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The Breaking of the Drought 
Guidance from Above
Words like tree
Go gentle and enjoy your last day
Paradise Replaced
Finding Happiness
Some Christmas Words for 2013

Digesting the Seasons
Some Easter Words – 2014
Yesterday and Today
Paradise Ignored

A Mother-In-Law Problem
The Fragrance of Flanders
Winter Sea
A White Blank Wall
A Red Remembrance

Poetry and Influence – Song of the Universe
Book Release – The Humble Worm
Lauding the Tomato
Easter is for the Optimist

Bat Intrusion – Reporting from Batemans Bay
Looking at Limericks – On that Trump Character
It’s all in a Name – Facebook Poem

‘Tsanga’ – for a booklaunch

Retirement Arrival
An Inevitable
Buried in Pixels
Paradise Ignored

At the Blind Bend

Yesterday and Today

Red Rock Headland
Marmalade and Vegemite
Animal Accident
Magical Memories

Awash in Smoke
My One Word Poem

Easter Sunday Sunrise

Ulladulla Funrun

Recovery Steps

Canberra Can

Depression Haiku
No Bull

The Christmas Word
A Christmas Letter
Tell Met Not
Australia, Australia, Australia
A Message to My Granddaughters

Travelling Backwards, Going Forwards

Some Crazy God
Get Real Man

Below are links to my poems on my ‘Out of the blue’ Site

After life and Death
Words for the taking
A meta metamorphosis
The Fragrance at Flanders
Bin Laden and Silly Syllable
Australia Day 2007
No emergency now
Ant Attack
A Token Life
Public Credentials
Broken Words
Trapped Prayer
Have a Nice Day
Selected Personal Poems – eBook
Arthroscopic Attention
Christmas Day – Haiku
Report Card 2011 – Limerick
Nought By Time Revealed
Post-Op Respite
To be At One with the World
At Our Church
On Just Being
The Queen Marches On
Men Shedding
Chain Gang Gold
We Fun-Runners
Anointing Ann Anonymous

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