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Welcome to my words

… well, my words together with the words of other poets and the like – poems that for one reason or another have come to my attention. The banner image on the Home Page is sunlight on gum trees against a clear blue Australian sky.

This Site shares some of my poems as well as poetry commentary on poems from other poets. It replaces my ‘Out Of The Blue’ Blogger Site used for the same purpose covering the period from March 2011 to February 2013.

I have an Ebook version of a small book of mainly personal poems which can be referenced from within this Site for anyone interested … the link.

Also a I have a self-published E-Book version of my book ‘My Word in Your Ear’ – Selected Poems 2001 – 2015′EBook – My Word in Your Ear

My work is free-to-air but please acknowledge the source in any reference.

Comments can be sent to –

Below is an automatically updated Index link to the Posts on this Site … Richard Scutter (Dec 2019) …


4 thoughts on “Site Details – and Index

  1. I am the son of the NZ poet Allen Curnow and owner of his copyright. It has been drawn to my attention that you have included a poem entitled “To a Friend” by Allen Curnow on this website of yours. This is not a poem my father included in any of his published in any volumes from 1933 on, including with various Collected Poem nor is it in the complete Collected Poems published by Auckland University Press in Sept this year. Could you let me know where you found this poem?
    I’m a retired literary agent living in Sydney and represented many of the Australian poets on your site. I look forward to hearing from you,
    Tim Curnow

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