Promising Heaven at a Heavy cost

Paradise Replaced

Stop Press – heaven has been moved,
the door has been closed.

Well it was all in your imagination anyway
and you should know very well,
didn’t they teach you in Sunday School, –
paying the Devil is just not on.

Richard Scutter 22 July 2013

Context –

The new Australian Labour Party Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has stopped refugees from entry to Australia if they come by boat from Indonesia. Instead they will be processed and settled in Papua New Guinea – if deemed to be genuine. Papua New Guinea has entered into an agreement with Australia on this issue.

The reason for this change in policy is because refugees are being ‘taken for a ride’ (you could say a very dangerous sea-ride!) by people smugglers who are luring these people to travel in completely unseaworthy boats across the seas. After they have paid a large sum of money and with the promise of getting to Australia.

Many of these boats have sunk and many lives lost. This back-door traffic has been steadily  increasing and something has to be done to stop the rising death toll of innocent families especially the drowning of children. Hopefully this policy will reduce such needless deaths from occurring.

Australia is not against refugees. In my view Australia should increase its intake of refugees that come to this country by legitimate means – especially given the current state of turmoil in the World.

Your word in my ear ...

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