Judith Beveridge on Poetry and Spirituality …

From an excellent article by Australian poet Judith Beveridge written for the New South Wales Writers Centre …

Throughout history, poetry has always been the most powerful and effective form for addressing and exploring deep spiritual questions.

Partly this is because poetry is connected so intimately with the breath. Poets know that the breath can act as an interpreting spirit, something which will help move, uplift and carry lived experience into rhythms and tones which allow both writer and reader to feel as if they are in communion and intense dialogue with the world around them.

The full article can be read on this link

A poem only comes alive when it is taken down from the book-shelf opened and a reader enters that unique word-world of the poet. The spirit of the read word then breathes into the living now and expands the consciousness of the reader in communion with the consciousness of the poet.

… (some poems could even take your breath away! – well you mustn’t take life too seriously must you).

Your word in my ear ...

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