International Poetry Competition – University of Canberra

There is a major international poetry competition currently open for submissions closing in May 2014 … with an exceptional monetary offering of $A15,000 for the top poem. The total prize pool is $A25,000.

This is being offered by the International Institute of Poetry Studies within Canberra University.

Apart from the financial offering the main attributes are – entries are invited world-wide, maximum 50 lines and maximum 1,000 words.

The competition is in recognition of poetry … as a highly resilient and sophisticated human activity.

I am sure the financial prizes will attract many entries … of course real poets don’t do it for the money … however all poets like recognition and the winner will certainly get that … by the way you don’t have to be a published poet to put in an entry – so it is open to anyone with a creative urge – I mention this because creative-inventive poems are the order of the day – there is a small cost for each entry …and  there is plenty of time to get working on your creation as the completion closes at the end of May 2014.

See this link for all the details – This is the Competition Website

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