The Latest Forecast – Predicting Life

The Goat

The Latest Forecast

today will be fine with
temperatures in the low twenties
at 9:00am cloud will build up but
the sun will break through by 10:00am
to a full rich blue sky

just after mid-day clouds from the south
will enter with the chance of just a little rain
expect about 3-4mm in the form of light drizzle
if you live in suburbs to the west of Main Street
expect only a touch of moisture

the skies will be totally clear again by 3:00pm
the mild temperatures will continue …

early this morning Mr R G
who always takes his dog for a walk first-thing
was seen walking back home along Ocean Road
accompanied by a well-endowed billy goat
currently there is no explanation …

Richard Scutter 16 December 2014

We will never be able to predict what will happen to us in life.

In the day after the ‘Sydney Seize’ I pray that we will always have the resources within to deal with any situation that befalls us.

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