‘Get Real Man’ – The Christmas Gift

Get Real Man

we are talking about God
the creator of the universe
we are talking about real power!
you have absolutely no idea man
beyond your understanding!

apart from making miracles happen
he showed us in like fashion that
even in the most horrendous injustice
he was here to support our lives
no matter the pain

what an unbelievable gift
isn’t it just wonderful -
that he came here, today, for you and me!
and that he is a little crazy,
get real man!

Richard Scutter Christmas 2020

3 thoughts on “‘Get Real Man’ – The Christmas Gift

  1. Hello Richard. Greetings from across the world. I facilitate a poetry appreciation Group for the Leigh and District U3A in England and came across your work as one of our members submitted Keat’s “O thou whose face hath felt the Winter’s wind” to share with the group. I found it very different from his others so took to google for an analysis and came upon your website. Thanks for the insight into the poem. We are experiencing very high levels of Covid at the moment and have not been able to meet up as a group since March. Very sad. So we have a Friday rota where one of us shares our choice of poems with the others and on Mondays we have a “free for all” where any of us can (and do) share favourites and I distribute them by email. Alongside the Keats poem the sender shared this amazing and uplifting Jackie Kay’s poem ‘Farewell to Hogmanay’ which is based on Robert Burns’ poem ‘Farewell to the Highlands’. You can watch the video link in 3 parts on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/Xx3Zmkgt2no
    Each part is 15 minutes long. It is visually captivating and although she writes about the griefs and despair, 2021 brings us new hope. I thought you may find it interesting. It is in the public domain. Happy New Year to you and your group from us!

    • Jane, many thanks for sharing your U3A connection from Lancashire … we have been using Zooom for U3A meetings and plan to start again meeting in a group in February … we are so lucky here as the virus has not been so prevalent … I do hope you will be getting vacinated soon. I will send your comment to our membership … and look forward to viewing the YouTube … stay safe, best Richard

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