‘Since the majority of me’ – Philip Larkin – Comments

‘Since the majority of me’
Since the majority of me
Rejects the majority of you,
Debating ends forthwith, and we
Divide. And sure of what to do

We disinfect new blocks of days
For our majorities to rent
With unshared friends and unwalked ways,
But silence too is eloquent:

A silence of minorities
That, unopposed at last, return
Each night with cancelled promises
They want renewed. They never learn.
Philip Larkin (1922 – 1985)

S1 – First sentence …
This is clearly about separation. When a relationship comes to that stage that the majority of one person rejects the majority of another. A time to stop the discussion and divide. The implication is is that one plus one no longer equals two and that a couple is involved in the split. And if a strong relationship was part of the past then it is obviously a little painful.

S2 – Strong words to disinfect the future so that the new path is not contaminated with the past. New friends and new ways signal a change in personal life.

S3 – But what happens in the silences, when the past memories infiltrate the mind. The cancelled promises that ache to be renewed. The mention of promises gives the idea that marriage breakup may be involved. But renewal is impossible, these broken promises will never learn they will always be a part of the life experience of the person.

We carry the past with us both disappointments and joy into our being through human experience. But how to prevent the past festering into on-going life is another matter. A wonderful Larking poem that clearly defines the human condition without providing answers. At the same time acknowledging the fact that the past can continually hook into our life from time to time.

Philip Larkin on Wikipedia – Philip Larkin – Wikipedia

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