Christmas Day – A Fibonacci Poem

Christmas Day

is a
special day
for celebration
it is that one day in the year
when Christians stop to honour the birth of Jesus Christ
and Christ love becomes married with all humanity in the destiny of the world

Richard Scutter

The Fibonacci numbers are the numbers in the following integer sequence, called the Fibonacci sequence, and characterized by the fact that every number after the first two is the sum of the two preceding ones: 1 , 1 , 2 , 3 , 5 , 8 , 13 , 21 , 34 , 55 , 89 , 144 , …

A Fibonacci poem … each line has the number of syllables that follow this sequence.

Footnote …

Considering someone who was very Christ-Centric in his spiritual thought …

No work of the great believer Teilhard de Chardin can be understood except in relation to his ‘fundamental vision’ – as Christ as all-in-everything, of the universe moved and com-penetrated by God in the totality of its evolution.

– comment by the French Editor of Le Milieu Divin by Teilhard de Chardin

(com – penetrated  – converting and penetrating)

When ‘we’ create something part of us is always reflected in that creation and when we are not quite happy with it we continue to improve it to the way we eventually would like it to be … unless, of course, it is a continuing improving phenomenon without end.

All the best to everyone in this wonderful wide world.

Enjoy this time with family and friends.

Not just a birthday! – Some Christmas Day Words 2014


If I could roll

If I could roll with all my strength
all the love in this wide world
I’d gather it up into one sweet ball
to give to eight children deserving more.

But these children are no more
their presents unopened on the floor.

Remembering the eight children who died last week at the hands of a disturbed mother in Cairns, Queensland – and as the mother is still alive she is one person who is very much in need of prayer.

Christmas Day

not just a birthday
but the birth of life eternal!
never forgotten

Enjoy life, enjoy Christmas, enjoy this special day with all your family and friends.

Richard Scutter