OMG Just Imagine – Easter Sunday


A well and truly risen sun – Murramarang National Park, NSW South Coast

OMG Just Imagine
(Easter Sunday)

OMG Just imagine life without Easter.
We need Easter, holidays might disappear!
Not to mention those rabbit-eared children
running sweet-toothed through our classrooms.
OK it may be egg-centred commercialisation
but there’s no harm in a bit of gaiety!

Even if Easter is a little chocolate coated
Christ always seems to be hanging around,
whether in the background or foreground
depending of course on your point of view!
But without Easter life is a momentary firing
a captivating firework display none the less
but perhaps a series of confused sparks
dying in a sea of perpetual darkness?

Richard Scutter

… and some more Easter Words    … Enjoy your Easter! – Celebrate Life

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