Easter Sunday Sunrise

Easter Sunday Sunrise

not just another day
another day of the same
of the no touch of distancing
of not being able to reach out in the community
of confinement to self
of being centered on the inside
not just another day

this day is different
this day is the one day
the one day that opens into every day
the lifeline to eternal tomorrows
as our own tomorrow ending
is contemplated

Richard Scutter

Celebrate this special day with friends and family!

OMG Just Imagine – Easter Sunday


A well and truly risen sun – Murramarang National Park, NSW South Coast

OMG Just Imagine
(Easter Sunday)

OMG Just imagine life without Easter.
We need Easter, holidays might disappear!
Not to mention those rabbit-eared children
running sweet-toothed through our classrooms.
OK it may be egg-centred commercialisation
but there’s no harm in a bit of gaiety!

Even if Easter is a little chocolate coated
Christ always seems to be hanging around,
whether in the background or foreground
depending of course on your point of view!
But without Easter life is a momentary firing
a captivating firework display none the less
but perhaps a series of confused sparks
dying in a sea of perpetual darkness?

Richard Scutter

… and some more Easter Words    … Enjoy your Easter! – Celebrate Life